Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Future of this Blog

Dear Readers,

After much thought and prayer, I have decided to close the Silentlambs Exposed Blog.

I did this because I was concerned about a number of factors. Firstly, I did not want to direct people to the Silentlambs site and give them extra, free publicity. Engaging their arguments implies that they deserve to be taken seriously. Really, the only persons who are likely to believe what Silentlambs says are those who want to believe it anyway. And, say what you like, you’ll never convince people like that.

The Apostle Paul counsels us “[not] to pay attention to false stories…, which end up in nothing, but which furnish questions for research rather than a dispensing of anything by God in connection with faith.” (1 Timothy 1:4) I believe that this is an apt description of the work of Silentlambs and other, similar sites. Likewise, Titus 3:9 tells us to “shun foolish questionings …, for they are unprofitable and futile.” Continuing to focus attention on this type of activity would therefore be a waste of my time.

Then there is the question of association with persons who have left “the way of the truth” (2 Peter 2:2). In order to refute Silentlambs, I had to read what they had written. Yet, again, the Bible’s advice is clear: “Everyone that pushes ahead and does not remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God. … If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, never receive him into your homes.” (2 John 9, 10) We would not invite those traitors into our homes to expound their false teachings and slander our Christian companions, so why extend them a virtual “invitation”?

To effectively refute Silentlambs, it is necessary to refer to leaked, confidential documents, such as letters to bodies of elders. Yet, Proverbs 25:10 says: “Do not reveal the confidential talk of another.”

Furthermore, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses could quite easily author a website exposing the lies of Silentlambs, using material similar to that previously found on this blog. But they have chosen not to do so. If they have not seen fit to have a website of this type, then what good would be accomplished by any of us circumventing that arrangement by making our own?

Silentlambs is not a support group for abuse victims. Never has been. It's a religious hate group masquerading as a victim support group. Jehovah’s Witnesses have an outstanding child-protection policy. If anyone would like to know how Jehovah’s Witnesses deal with child-molestation issues, then there is adequate information on the official website. You can find the links on the left of this page.

No-one tried to influence me to close the blog. The only pressure I was under was from my own conscience. I hope that, by doing this, I can give a good example to other Witnesses who may be being led astray by being drawn into debates with opposers.

I know the chorus of opposers and apostates will criticize my decision, just as they criticize everything else. Frankly, I don't care in the slightest what they think. I have found peace of mind by following Jesus’ counsel concerning people who want to cause us trouble: “Let them be. Blind guides is what they are.” (Matthew 15:14).

Getting involved with the arguments of opposers can be hugely time-consuming. It takes them 30 seconds to make an accusation, then it takes you two hours to write a refutation. Not only that, it also takes a lot out of you emotionally. But as Proverbs 26:20 says: “Where there is no wood, the fire goes out.” The most effective way to counter the opposers is to 'let them be'. Just ignore them. They hate it.

Since I stopped debating with opposers on the internet, I have much more free time. I can devote more time to Bible reading and prayer. This has brought me closer to Jehovah. I am absolutely amazed at how much I have been able to learn by diverting the time I used to spend on debates and blogs and using it for Bible study.

My advice to other Witnesses engaged in online debates is: Leave the opposers alone. There are better ways to use your time. Build yourself up spiritually. Read your Bible. Spend time with your family. If you need an intellectual challenge, study the ‘deep things of God’ (1 Corinthians 2:9) We are certainly not short of good reading material! I hope that you will find refreshment, as I have.